One thought on “Question

  1. Actually, Ross isn’t the culprit here, at least not as you take him as. The book he references is washing over the pages of many sites and publications. That said, Ross does err here, twice.

    First, who cares about this? The book seems a resounding failure. It’s claims are dumb, written by a 32 year old on the brink of learning how having a kid stymies lustful frolicks. The error here is using the valuable real estate Ross owns to pick off low hanging fruit. But hey, it’s the Times.

    Second, Ross is repeating points already made. The critiques of the book (and Atlantic essay) haven’t been constrained to accusations of naivite; they look to the evidence too. So Ross isn’t original.

    A double whammy, but not really because he chose to talk about coupling. It’s just a lazy piece. Sad for such a new arrival.


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