Your Crack Is Showing

Oh boy, prepare yourselves for the latest edition from Peter Schiff’s Not Ready For Prime Time File. In a blog post on, Schiff lays out some of his key policy views that we’d likely see if he runs for Senate, namely opposing regulating greenhouse emissions to curb global warming and providing healthcare for all Americans. On healthcare he writes:

On the other hand, no one carries home maintenance insurance to pay for a clogged drain or broken garage door. If insurance paid for the plumber visit every time a toilet overflowed, we would now have a plumbing crisis, and Congress would be looking to reign in runaway plumbing bills with “national plumbing insurance.”

That’s right, Schiff just compared national healthcare reform to plumbing. Or to be more specific, the ability to receive treatment for life threatening illnesses to a backed up septic system. Because, you know, they’re about the same on the Grand Scale of Glibertarian Importance.

Seriously, I’m reaching a point where I hope Schiff runs for Senate in Connecticut just for the comic relief he’ll bring to an otherwise tense race.

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