Things Mike Johanns Quit

Check out Things Mike Johanns Quit…, a hilarious new site on the Republican Nebraska Senate candidate who has a nasty reputation of quitting on the job. Here’s one example:

The Unfinished Death Star

That’s right. A little known fact about Mike Johanns was that as Secretary of Agriculture for the Bush Administration is that he was charged with construction of the a weapon so powerful even Dick Cheney trembled at its sight.

However, with only months left until the project was completed, Mike Johanns vacated his post to run for United States Senator leaving an opening for the Rebel Alliance to destroy the unfinished Death Star and defeat the Empire once and for all.

Hopefully, Mike Johanns will have failed us for the last time.

I’ve also heard that Mike Johanns quit moving the Dodgers back to Brooklyn, quit mending that fence over there, and gave up solving the Jack the Ripper murders.

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