Much Needed Perspective

It seems in in a somewhat circumspect mood today and am finding other people similarly reflective on the state of affairs in left blogistan. Or rather, I’m at least down to post some sober perspectives this morning. So…take it away Athenae.

The real reason I’m not in a state of panic about the loss of civilization as we know it is that I was never under the impression that blog world or even liberal blog world was never any different than any other place, which is to say, at times full of awesome, at times full of suck, and populated by assholes and insects and bullies and people who are prone to snap at the same in equal proportion to how such creatures are distributed elsewhere in the universe. I do not gnash my teeth at the passing of a great utopia because seriously, anybody who thought the political Internet was a utopia was fucking kidding himself to a really accomplished degree. I mean, in other news, music isn’t what it used to be, and kids today are total sluts.

I’ve met some fantastic people during my time blogging, I’ve met some real goofballs, and some people I wouldn’t throw a rope to if they were drowning, and I would hazard most of you reading this would agree, even if we might disagree on any given day about who belongs to what group. I don’t see the last group as evidence that the first is somehow less valuable, or that response toward the latter two should somehow change because it’s primary season. People who are being jerks should be called on it, people being sweet to you should get pats on the head, if you can’t agree on who’s who then you should go in a room and sit with your thoughts until you figure it out, and there is, once and for all, a difference between an argument and a fight: An argument is, “You’re wrong.” A fight is, “You’re wrong, and you’re an ASSHOLE.”

There are worse things than fights. We can glue ourselves back together. This can be repaired. And in the end, our hurts and bruises will not be the end of us, or the end of what we’re trying to build here. We’ve been knocked down by bigger things than one another. We can get back up from this, too.

Or not, if we don’t choose to, but let’s not kid ourselves that this is one of the things outside our control.

Because everything must always come back to the Democratic primary, I’d say that I don’t see major, permanent rifts being created by the fact that some people online like Obama, some people online like Clinton, and other people online are still disappointed that neither Gore nor Feingold ran. There has been nastiness, but so what? People are active in the liberal political blogosphere because they have opinions about what’s happening in our country. I’m fairly certain that those people will still care about restoring the Constitution or getting universal health care or ending our presence in Iraq after Clinton or Obama loses the nomination. It won’t be doomsday, it probably won’t even be a terribly bad day for the health of the blogosphere. Give it a couple weeks, and the losing candidate’s partisans will be so petrified by the thought of President McCain that they will be working hard and strong against him and *gasp* for the person they had previously opposed.

That’s not a bad thing. It’s not a product of weak will. It’s not a flip-flop. It’s just the recognition that some things are more important than what we thought yesterday.

One thought on “Much Needed Perspective

  1. When the circumstances change (ie; the nomination process is complete), I hope people will gear up to meet that new set of circumstances. Having survived Gore’s disappointing loss in 2000, his choice not to run in 2008, and Edwards’ and Dodd’s withdrawal, I’m already adapted.

    lambert of Corrente has it exactly right. Any D in the general. It’s really very simple. Any organism either adapts to its environment, or it dies. Whether or not you like the adaptation you have to make is essentially irrelevant.


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