McCain Is Unqualified

Matthew Yglesias:

Basically, Bush wants a ton of torture, McCain prefers a moderate level of torture. This is one of several reasons why I, unlike Hillary Clinton, don’t think McCain passes the “commander in chief” threshold in a particularly impressive way. I’d like a commander-in-chief who’s prepared to govern the country in a manner consistent with our laws and traditions, as well as sound interrogation practice, international law, and basic standards of human decency.

What a novel way of thinking about America’s government.

I’d add that, unlike Yglesias, I don’t think McCain “passes the commander in chief threshold in a particularly impressive way.” I’d say that given his support for torture, his support for unlimited executive powers, and his desire to aggressively lead the US into many more wars, McCain does not pass the commander in chief threshold at all.

One thought on “McCain Is Unqualified

  1. Ulysses S. Grant was a drunk who let corruption run rampant, FDR couldn’t walk, let alone fight but look at all he accomplished. Being a “War Hero” does not qualify someone to run the country. When is America going to get that ?


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