Super Parade Fat Tuesday

Election Day Weather

It’s an overcast day in New York City, with misting rain and temperatures in the upper 40s. The picture this morning is more bleak, I think, than the actual weather.

Vote Here

I was the 102nd person to vote in my precinct. I voted at around 9:45 AM and there was no line, with lots of poll workers on hand. Anxious to vote, I made the mistake of not asking the poll workers how the turnout compared to past years. The composition of the poll workers was interesting. There were 8-10 people staffing the location, half of whom looked to be in their early-mid twenties.

Giants Victory Parade

The New York Giants victory parade is forming up at Battery Place. At least a few thousand people are already down by Battery Park and though I didn’t look up Broadway, there are surely tens of thousands more people waiting to great the Giants on their way to City Hall. The Giants, as you can see above, have not yet arrived to celebrate.

No 19-0

I’m only posting this picture because whoever owns this truck was fully dedicated to the Giants winning Sunday. Well…and because it’s awesome.

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