FISA Programming Notes

The Senate has, again, resumed debate of FISA in the Senate, though today’s schedule is far less clear than we thought it would be.

Though there was a good deal of debate on FISA amendments yesterday, no votes were held. The Senate spent some time on the economic stimulus package in an effort to get that quickly to the desk of the President. Now the Republicans are obstructing the Democrats from moving back to the discussion of FISA amendments, instead insisting on staying on the stimulus package for the duration of the 30 hour period before cloture ripens.

The Democrats will try to get both debate and votes in today, though it’s unlikely that all FISA amendments will happen today in the best of circumstances. Republicans just don’t want to get this done. Even if we are able to move back to FISA, it looks unlikely that any Title II amendment – pertaining to retroactive immunity – will be voted on today.

The good news is that this delay gives us more time to put pressure on the Senate to vote in favor of the Dodd-Feingold Amendment to strip retroactive immunity from the Intel bill. Contact your Senators now through CREDO Action’s contact tool.

Stay tuned for updates.

Cross posted at the CREDO Blog.

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