Single Payer Health Care

This video put out by the Clinton campaign hits Barack Obama for moving to the right on health care and not supporting a single payer system now, despite supporting one in 2003.

A logical question that this attack by Clinton on Obama for not supporting a single payer system would be: Is Hillary Clinton’s health care proposal a single payer system?

The answer: No, of course it’s not.

In fact, the link to her health care plan in her issues drop down is “Providing Affordable & Accessible Health Care.” Which could be described as a 300 million payer system.

I’m happy to acknowledge that Clinton has put forward a health care proposal that is somewhat more comprehensive than Barack Obama’s. But it isn’t a single payer system. And while Obama may have moved to the right since 2003 on health care, both Clinton and Obama are in the wrong place on the single payer issue.

In reality, this video is an attack on Obama not on substance, but on changing his position…to the same position as Clinton. It’s cute and well edited and, in the end, a trivial charge (flip-flopping) that only highlights Clinton’s similar wrongness on single payer health care.

3 thoughts on “Single Payer Health Care

  1. Sen. Clinton and her supporters seem to do this a lot… criticize Sen. Obama for not being as progressive as Sen. Edwards, but neglecting to tell us that she is less progressive than Obama.


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