Silly Season

Today’s attack video by Clinton on Obama’s movement from supporting a single payer health care system to not supporting a single payer system (which is the position Clinton also holds) makes me wonder if we’re approaching a point where ads like the one above might be made in earnest.

Digby captured the zeitgeist well:

[The Democratic candidates] are nearly identical in terms of policy, all have political gifts and bring something to the table and I find none of the various electability arguments particularly persuasive. Indeed, I believe that the fact they are so similar in all the important ways is one of the reasons everyone is at each other’s throats on this — since there’s no daylight on policy everyone is having to argue their case based on their own emotional connection to the candidate or what the candidate symbolizes, which often devolves into ugly invective. It really does become personal under those circumstances. You can see the result of this in the candidates’ own debate last night. They weren’t really fighting over anything important because they don’t actually disagree about anything important. But they had to fight. It’s an election. Somebody’s got to win.

The attacks will become more petty, vicious, and stupid. How low can they go before this hits rock bottom?

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