What I’m Reading

Rolling Stone: Exclusive: Homeland Security Kept Tabs on Occupy Wall Street

Naked Capitalism: Yet Another Mortgage Scam: Homeowners Not Getting Cancelled Notes After Foreclosures, Hit by Later Claims

Allison Frankel: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the MBS sleeper defense

David Dayen: Donovan Pressed on Foreclosure Fraud Settlement in Senate Banking Committee

Huffington Post: Q&A With Shadow Sen. Paul Strauss: How Does Puerto Rico’s Statehood Movement Help D.C.?

Reporters Without Borders: Tibet cut off from the rest of the world

TPM Muckraker: Vaginal Ultrasound Bills A Smokescreen, Say Pro-Choice Groups

Boston Globe: Mormons baptized slain reporter Daniel Pearl

Seeing Through the Data: MBA & Florida Foreclosure Mill Lawyers: MBS Bond Investors Aren’t “Frustrated”

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