What I’m Reading

Clay Johnson: Change Dot Biz

Wall Street Journal: For the Costliest Homes, Foreclosure Comes Slowly

Bloomberg: Buffett: Banks Victimized by Excesses of Ousted Homeowners (This is b.s.)

Washington Business Journal: D.C. owed $30.6M in condo conversion fees, audit says

Politico: Cuomo shuns media, gets attention

Dean Baker: Is Joe Nocera right when he says that fracking raises U.S. greenhouse has emissions by 20 percent?

Matt Stoller: Towards a Creditor State – One in Seven Americans Pursued by Debt Collectors

TPM DC: Hoyer Working Behind The Scenes On Major Deficit Reduction Bill

Glenn Greenwald: The NYPD spying controversy: a microcosm for the 9/11 era

Abigail C. Field: Dear State Attorneys General: You Failed America. Yes, You.

Greater Greater Washington: Liquor laws, lacking nightlife hurt Silver Spring bars

Rick Perlstein: Why Obama Needs to Change to Win

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