What I’m Reading

I’m going to try doing a periodic (daily?) roundup of what I’m reading.

NPR: With Banks As Landlords, Some Tenants Neglected (h/t Lynn Syzmoniak)

Dealbook: Responding to Critics, S.E.C. Defends ‘No Wrongdoing’ Settlements

Bloomberg: Bank Lobby Widened Volcker Rule Before Inciting Foreign Outrage (via Neil Barofsky on Twitter)

NY Times: Mutated Trout Raise Concerns Near Mine Sites

Amanda Marcotte: The radical anti-insurance plan the right has concocted

Mercury News: San Francisco: Clergy rally at Wells Fargo to protest foreclosure abuse

David Dayen: New Study From Consumer Advocates Shows Mass Servicer Abuse

David Dayen: HUD Continues Defense of Allowing HAMP Modifications as Part of the Foreclosure Fraud Settlement

Mike Konczal: Cochrane Sees Moral Hazard Only in One Direction

PC Mag: White House Proposes Privacy Bill of Rights With ‘Do Not Track’

NY Times: Deadly Car Bombings Strike Across Iraq

CNN: Tibetans cancel New Year celebrations

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