Nevada’s Attorney General is a bad ass

There has been a lot of attention paid – deservedly so – to the work of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden. They were two of the first AGs to voice objections to the federal government’s push with the state AGs fore a weak settlement deal around robosigning. So obviously they deserve a lot of credit for creating the conditions in which other AGs could step out – notably Nevada’s Cathernine Cortez Masto, Minnesota’s Lori Swanson, Kentucky’s Jack Conway, Massachusetts’ Martha Coakley, and California’s Kamala Harris.

But at this point in time, anyone speaking about the role of Justice Democrats would be remiss to fail to recognize how much Nevada’s Masto is kicking ass. Just check out her thirty-eight question letter to Iowa’s Tom Miller. Miller’s office has asked all state AGs to inform them by Friday as to whether or not they will be joining the federal settlement. Based on the list of questions Masto has turned in, and for the request for specificity and timeliness in the response, it seems pretty clear that Miller and the Feds are asking AGs to sign on to something without seeing a very specific term sheet for the settlement.

Abigail C. Field has a detailed run-through of Masto’s thirty-eight questions and they are very serious. Clearly Masto and her office is taking this entire process very seriously and is not interested in getting burned on a robosigning settlement. It’s heartening to see this level of effort and hopefully the net result is real accountability for the banks and real help to hurting homeowners.

3 thoughts on “Nevada’s Attorney General is a bad ass

  1. The unrelenting pressure on the AG’s to sign by this Friday, with apparently little details of the settlement known to them, it appears that it’s all about releasing the banks from liability.


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