Billionaire Bloomberg violently evicts Occupy Wall Street from Liberty Square

In the middle of the night last night, Mayor Bloomberg had the NYPD violently evict Occupy Wall Street from Liberty Square. The police used physical force, including sonic weapons and pepper spray, to force protesters out. They destroy the 5,000 book library. They destroyed tents and tarps that people have been living in. They arrested reporters and prevented news helicopters from flying to cover the violent eviction.

The latest statement from Occupy Wall Street shows their commitment to keep the Occupy movement moving forward:

Last night, billionaire Michael Bloomberg sent a massive police force to evict members of the public from Liberty Square—home of Occupy Wall Street for the past two months. People who were part of a dynamic civic process were beaten and pepper-sprayed, their personal property destroyed.

Supporters of this rapidly growing movement were mobilized in the middle of the night, making phone calls, taking the streets en masse, and planning next steps. Americans and people around the world are appalled at Bloomberg’s treatment of people who peacefully assemble. We are appalled, but not deterred. Liberty Square was dispersed, but its spirit not defeated. Today we are stronger than we were yesterday. Tomorrow we will be stronger still. We are breaking free of the fear that constricts and confines us. We occupy to liberate.

We move forward in the grand tradition of the transformative social movements that have defined American history. We stand on the shoulders of those who have struggled before us, and we pick up where others have left off. We are creating a better society for us all.

Occupy Wall Street has renewed a sense of hope. It has revived a belief in community and awakened a revolutionary spirit too long silenced.

Join us as we liberate space and build a movement.

The fight isn’t over and the Occupy movement will only grow stronger from here.

Already a judge has ordered protesters to be allowed to return to Liberty Square. Bloomberg, to this point, hasn’t complied with the order, denying its existence in a press conference this morning. Clearly the billionaire mayor is going all-in to protect his friends on Wall Street and the 1%. It’s hard to imagine a scenario where Bloomberg comes out of this as anything other than a disgraced stooge for Wall Street.

…Also, the photo above is from Canal Street and 6th Street, where Occupy has taken a new park, which is privately owned by Trinity Church.

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