Schneiderman & Biden investigating criminal charges for foreclosure crisis

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Last night on Rachel Maddow’s show, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman revealed that he and Delaware AG Beau Biden are investigating criminal acts in connection to the foreclosure crisis. Skip to 2:37 where Maddow starts talking about foreclosures. If you want to skip over Maddow praising a really cynical DNC ad hitting Romney for wanting to speed up foreclosures, she gets to Schneiderman at around 4:00. Schneiderman almost never appears on TV, so his appearance is definitely worth watching.

Business Week has more on the Schneiderman/Biden criminal investigation.

Schneiderman also spoke very favorably about Occupy Wall Street. He said he sympathizes with the protests and that the sentiments expressed by the Occupy movement were shared around the country, notably that there is no longer equal justice under the law for the other 99% compared with the top 1%. He said that he views Occupy Wall Street as the tip of the iceberg for sentiments that are common around America. Considering his offices overlook Liberty Plaza and that he’s one of the few Justice Democrats, it makes sense that he’s expressing such a rich and supporting analysis of the Occupy movement.

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