Lee Camp on #OccupyWallStreet

This is part of what Lee is responding to:

I think the police abuses are less important (though certainly terrifying and outrageous) than the reason there are people occupying Wall Street. Camp gets at it later in the video, but I just think it’s worth highlighting that this is happening because people are occupying Wall Street without being told by big organizations. They are holding Wall Street banks accountable and calling to make politicians accountable to the public, not only wealthy elites. This is a genuine outpouring of activism in the face of an outrageously corrupt political system that does not respond to the economic needs of its citizens. It is occurring in the same thread as the protests in Egypt, Tunisia, Greece, Spain, and the UK – where citizens have said enough to the non-responsiveness of elites to the economic pain and suffering of the poor, middle, and working classes, not to mention the despair of a generation blighted by unemployment. These people occupying Wall Street are protesting for their generation’s future and a healthy government that can sustain it. This is really important.

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