What Duncan said:

We can’t read minds, so at some point we have to judge people by their words and actions. This press conference tells us that the austerity crap isn’t some bit of political posturing, it’s a belief.

We’re doomed.

I don’t know why it’s so hard to judge people by their words and actions, but it’s a lot easier than deluding yourself about the virtues of a politician playing 11 dimensional chess.

One thought on “Doomed

  1. We keep slamming into the brick wall of Obama as he really is rather than the Obama we wanted him to be. We wanted the black FDR taking on the moneyed classes, sticking up for working people, holding the robber barons accountable. Instead we got the black George HW Bush, more well spoken than the last one, but not that different where it really counts – economic justice, constitutional rights, foreign wars and defense. Oh well. If the Republicans actually ran a qualified politician instead of escapees from the lunatic asylum, I might be tempted to vote for a Republican for the first time in my life


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