Los Indignados in Segovia

Last night I visited the town of Segovia, about an hour and a half outside of Madrid. The town square sits in the shadow of a stunningly preserved 2,000 year old Roman aquaduct (the Romans built Big Things). As in Madrid, a collection of young people – Los Indignados – were camped out in the town square, protesting for accountability in the government, job creation for the young and unemployed, and an end to selling their future to banksters and multi-national corporations. Here are two of the big signs I saw, with translations:


Thank you for waking us up. We want you to fall.

Los Indignados Segovia

Manifesto Segovia:
We are outraged (indignant) citizens without face, without political identity, that are showing as a spontaneous peaceful and necessary movement. This reaction begins as an answer to this country’s social situation within the global crisis.

We demand:

    – A reform of electoral law that allows equality in the weight of the votes because current law doesn’t represent real democracy.
    – A realization of fundamental rights of work, home, education and health.
    – Separation of powers: executive, legislative and judicial
    – To make it easier for citizens to participate in politics and transparency in public administration

Translations in this post have been slightly updated for more natural English

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