Levitin on the Anti-Consumer Agenda

Professor Adam Levitin has a great post on the anti-consumer agenda he sees US corporations pushing up at Credit Slips. Levitin writes:

Instead of a laboratory of experiements to help level the b2c playing field, we see a different trend emerging:  a distinct anti-consumer agenda that aims to reduce consumer bargaining power and information.  Consider the common theme that runs through the following issues:

  • AT&T v. Concepcion (waiver of class actions in arbitrations)
  • Attempts to bust up public employee unions (and attacks on unions in general, such as the failure of Card Check legislation)
  • Citizens United (corporate speech rights)
  • Attempts to retain the current corrupt swipe fee system (failure of antitrust)
  • Attacks on public health insurance (prohibition on Medicare bargaining over prescription drug prices and the death of the public option)
  • Attempts to first kill off and now to maim the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

There might be other items to add to this list (and please feel free to note so in the comments), but to me, it paints a disturbing picture of a concerted anti-consumer agenda.

There are distinct constituencies for each of these issues, but I think it’s important to recognize that there’s a larger strategic move going on here.

Levitin is asking how this happens and what leads to it being a concerted effort. I’d point him in the direction of the US Chamber of Commerce, which is a leading lobbying body for business against consumers for almost all of the issues Levitin lists.

One thought on “Levitin on the Anti-Consumer Agenda

  1. “but to me, it paints a disturbing picture of a concerted anti-consumer agenda.”

    You have not known this for decades? I believe the word, “paints” is too weak. Rather it clearly demonstrates an anti-consumer agenda.

    Tarbell wrote about “corporate” cartels in the 1900s “The History of the Standard Oil Company”

    There were quite a few other writings which dealt directly with Government siding with Industry against people at that time. Hell one reason ‘we’ all left England was escape from bank cartels & “Kings Agents” who represented industry.

    We also have the IWW issues vs back in those days which lead to some fairly violent disagreements.

    Rather than pointing to the Corruption of the Chamber of Commerce I would point Levitin to a historical and well documented record of the anti-consumer attitudes of Corporations.

    Back in the 80’s it was Seattle who ‘shined’ with their protests leading to riots.

    Recently Europe with their Trafalgar Square protests.

    Corporations have spent hundreds of millions on propaganda. They do so on a daily basis:

    I dunno


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