Join SFT’s Rangzen Circle Drive

Sign up today and help us reach our goal of 100 new members by Monday, March 21. Here are the Top Ten Reasons to Support SFT:

Reason 10: SFT is youth
Our base of young Tibetans and supporters know change is possible. Young people have the passion, commitment, and inexhaustible energy to work for what they believe in.

Reason 9: SFT is nonviolent
We apply nonviolence theory and practice to our activism for Tibet because we believe it’s the most effective way to achieve our goal. There is no better way to fight for peace than to promote nonviolence as a weapon.

Reason 8: SFT is grassroots
We’re a network of students, Tibetans, activists, professionals, artists, volunteers, and many others working at the grassroots level to mobilize people power in a way that truly changes the course of history.

Reason 7: SFT is diverse
SFT’s membership is composed of Tibetans, Americans, Europeans, Indians, Chinese, Canadians, Australians, Japanese, Taiwanese, and dozens of other nationalities with diverse cultural backgrounds and political viewpoints — because the goal of Tibetan freedom unites everyone.

Reason 6: SFT is global
We are everywhere. With members in more than 50 countries, chapters and networks in 35 countries, and offices in 4 countries, our constituency spans the globe.

Reason 5: SFT is cutting-edge
SFT’s membership and leadership is made up of the most talented innovators, strategists, and visionary techies. We use the latest information technology and social media tools to successfully execute campaigns and actions that inspire Tibetans and directly challenge China’s control over Tibet.

Reason 4: SFT is about training
We invest in the next generation of Tibetan leaders and Tibet activists through our unique leadership training programs. Our Free Tibet! Action Camps and regional trainings help young leaders hone their skills to effectively lead strategic campaigns and non-violent actions for Tibet.

Reason 3: SFT is fun
We believe in hard work and in having fun. We emphasize the importance of humor and laughter in our work, so that freedom is not merely the destination but also the journey.

Reason 2: SFT is strategic
We think and plan before we act. Our leadership has the vision, experience, and strategy to develop and execute effective campaigns and actions.

Reason 1: SFT is for an independent Tibet
Ultimately, we believe that the social, economic, environmental, and cultural interests of the Tibetan people can only be truly safeguarded if Tibet is an independent nation. We know this goal is possible and will continue to work hard to achieve it.

Give today.

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