Republican Class War

This ad by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Democracy for America is probably the best one I’ve seen either side produce during the fight in Wisconsin. It was shot at the rallies in Madison and features voices from workers who will be affecting by Scott Walker’s union busting. These are incredibly effective spokespeople. But what really drives home the ad’s efficacy for me is that one of the people in the ad, Kathleen Slamka, an electrician from Oak Creek, WI, says, “This is Republican class warfare, an attack on the middle class.” A statement this obvious as this has been absent throughout the fight in Wisconsin, at least on the airwaves. But it’s true and it’s high-time the allies of working Americans step up and make clear three things: there is class war going on in America, the war was started by corporate elites and their political cronies, and the rich are winning this war. Again, great ad by the PCCC and DFA. More, please.

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