UK Uncut’s Bank Bail-in

UK Uncut is doing what is probably the most inspiring and savvy economic organizing in the English-speaking world. The video above is just brilliant, not only for how powerful it is but for how simple they make the act of standing up for economic just in the face of austerity measures. The accompanying blog post by Molly Solomons explains why she’s taking action:

I didn’t do politics at University and admittedly I would struggle to explain the details of macro-economics and how it relates to the financial crisis (who can!). But what I might lack in detailed knowledge of political and economic theory, I compensate with the feelings inside that what this government is doing is just wrong. It’s wrong to cut disability living allowance to those that need it to survive. It’s wrong to make people with disabilities feel like they are criminals and cheats. And it’s wrong to smash our society into a million pieces, whilst the bankers’ pockets are filled with fat bonuses and companies are allowed to evade taxes in off-shore accounts.

Sometimes I feel disheartened to the extent I just don’t know what to do. This is what I’ve done so far: I’ve written to my MP, I’ve moaned in pubs, I’ve cried, I’ve signed petitions and I’ve thought about running away from it all. But after despair, all that is left is action. And there is loads of action out there. So see you on the streets, I’ll be there this weekend, and the next, and the next, standing up for what’s right for my family and yours.

The good news for us Americans is that there is now a US Uncut and people are organizing the first actions for February 26th. It’s small for now, but this is clearly gaining momentum, both in the UK and now in the USA.

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