The Right’s Field

In 2006 I started a site called The Right’s Field (now offline) with my friends Kombiz Lavasany and Matt Ortega. We wanted to have a place that was dedicated solely to covering the 2008 Republican presidential primary. While many liberal blogs covered the 2008 Democratic primary in full or had the occasional post about Republicans, no one was working exclusively on blogging the GOP race. We filled that role and along the way had other great writers contribute to it, including David Dayen, Todd Beeton, Michael Roston and others.

Kombiz, Matt and I recently decided that we should start up The Right’s Field again. We approached John Amato and Joe Sudbay of AMERICAblog and they offered to give us our own space on their site. It’s been in soft launch for the last week or so, but is now public today. You can check out AMERICAblog Elections: The Right’s Field at My first post is here.

I’ll likely cross-post some content from The Right’s Field here, but probably won’t do everything, so stay tuned over at <a href=";.

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