Austerity Soon?

There’s clearly a drumbeat for the solution to all of what ails the American economy to be increasing pain and suffering felt by the lower and working class. It’s not surprising that right wing governors like Chris Christie are trying to convince people that government deficits are caused by public workers making $30,000. Christie is an asshole and this is what assholes do. But what is so unfortunate – and dangerous – is the willingness of mainstream media outlets like 60 Minutes are buying into it, then failing to even include a cursory counterweight to the right’s attacks on workers. Lies and misinformation of this sort evolve into Conventional Wisdom quite quickly when presented unilaterally as fact by major media outlets.

This isn’t just about Conventional Wisdom, though. It’s actually about the march towards cruel austerity measures being enacted here in America, punishing people who did nothing to contribute to the collapse of the economy so those who wrecked it can be fully restored and kept in the style to which they’ve grown accustomed. The Republican Party, as well as conservatives in the Democratic Party, seem fully down to enact austerity measures, strip public programs and destroy the social safety net. At some point soon, politicians on the left will have to stand up to fight back against austerity from coming to America. But other than Bernie Sanders, I don’t know who will be willing to take the fight to the super-rich and the banks. I have to believe there are still politicians who will fight for working Americans. Now is the time for them to show themselves.

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