Chinese Govt “Scared to Death” of Nancy Pelosi

Well, this is kinda fun:

China was “scared to death” over a visit by US Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who is outspoken on human rights, and rejected her request to visit to Tibet, according to files leaked Monday.

A top diplomat at the US embassy in Beijing said he asked China to consider letting Pelosi go to Tibet during her May 2009 visit to China, according to a cable obtained by whistleblower site WikiLeaks.

Vice Foreign Minister He Yafei responded that China could not arrange the trip due to Pelosi’s “tight schedule,” according to the cable reprinted by Britain’s Guardian newspaper.

The Chinese ambassador in Kazakhstan was blunter, telling his US counterpart over an expansive dinner that Beijing was “fearful” over Pelosi’s visit.

“She had the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) scared to death on the eve of her visit,” Ambassador Cheng Guoping was quoted as saying in the classified memo by US Ambassador Richard Hoagland.

While it isn’t surprising that the Chinese government is scared of a political leader who they can’t just throw in jail or disappear, it’s pretty hilarious the extent to which they are scared of Speaker Pelosi. I mean, a Chinese ambassador is writing memos to an American ambassador throwing around terms like “scared to death.”

This is less serious a revelation than the earlier ones wherein the Chinese Politburo was cited as being responsible for hacking into US government, Tibetan Government-in-Exile, Google, and other Western tech companies’ computers. Neither this nor the Chinese government’s fear of Pelosi are surprising. But at least these facts are confirmed in US diplomatic cables.

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