Interesting Discussion on Obama Administration

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This is from last week, but I just got around to watching it. With Chris Hayes guest hosting on MSNBC for Lawrence O’Donnell, he and guests Adam Green, Ari Berman, and Roger Hodge engage in one of the most substantive discussions of the Obama administration I’ve seen on television. They talk extensively about the administration’s negotiating tactics and how they’ve failed to produce results, as well as how they’ve failed to keep his Democratic base enthusiastic. There aren’t any great morals waiting in this clip, which starts about 3 minutes in, but it’s a remarkable discussion, more likely to have occurred under normal circumstances at a political conference or coffee house book talk.

Via Digby.

2 thoughts on “Interesting Discussion on Obama Administration

  1. Great heads-up! Thanks for the clip from MSNBC.

    I stopped watching regularly due to the penalties imposed on Lawrence O. and Keith B. for “contributing” during the campaign. (What a load of crap that is for them as citizens!)

    This discussion was lively, youthful and fresh, as well as being laser-focused on “drawing that line in the sand” on the tax cut extensions or sunset.

    Boy, if the Administration misses this one and doesn’t fight … a lot of people will feel left out to dry.

    Keep up the great work Matt.

    P.S. Hope the Japan trip worked-out with the Scottevest coat – didn’t hear.


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