No Baggage Challenge for Charity

Totally not related to politics, but I’m about to embark on a 10 day trip to Japan and carry with me only what I can fit in the clothes I wear – no bags allowed. I’m partnering with the travel clothing company Scottevest and they will be making a donation to Students for a Free Tibet in support of the trip.

My first post explaining¬† why I’m taking this trip and how it’s going to work is up at Huffington Post. I just posted another one where I go over what exactly I’m taking with me and how I’m packing it. I’m also posting my updates at my travel and technology blog, Blogger Hamlin.

I’ve also made a couple videos so far. The one explaining the trip itself is a bit…let’s say dry. I had some technical problems with the recording and posting and a few reshoots left me without a lot of passion. But I think the packing video is pretty fun.

The way the charity aspect of this works is that Scottevest will make at least a $1500 donation to Students for a Free Tibet. They will raise that donation to $5000 if the Youtube videos from my trip get a combined 10,000 views. So please, share posts and videos from my trip with your friends!

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