Why is Alessandra Stanley still allowed to write about politics? Lines like this make me want to pull my hair out:

Mr. Stewart made other jokes on Wednesday, but it was actually more disconcerting to watch Mr. Stewart apply the standard liberal critique to Mr. Obama than it was to see the president of the United States bandy words with the host of a late night comedy show. Mr. Obama, after all, is more practiced, having set precedents with similar star turns when visiting David Letterman, Jay Leno and the women panelists of “The View.”

First, anyone who watched The Daily Show last night would know that Jon Stewart delivered pretty much the same critiques that he, uniquely from a television perspective, has been delivering throughout the Obama administration.

Second, this is just awful writing. What is “disconcerting” about Stewart’s delivery of “the standard liberal critique”? We don’t know because Stanley never tells us.


Adam Sewer has more at the Plum Line.

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