Momentum in Alaska

Over at Daily Kos Joan McCarter has a really exciting post about the momentum Scott McAdams is showing in the Alaska Senate race against Tea Partier Joe Miller and Lisa Murkowski, who is displaying a Lieberman-like surge for personal power. McCarter publishes these internal numbers from the McAdams campaign:

Scott will be close. The numbers in the last week for the two target areas have decreased on Lisa and increased on Scott. Our target was Anchorage/women. Anchorage is now 30/28/26 Miller/Murkowski/McAdams. Last week it was 31/36/23 Miller/Murkowski/McAdams. Undecideds in Anchorage are now 13%, up from 6%. 53% of remaining of the total undecided universe is in Anchorage. A week ago women were 65/29 Positive to Negative for Lisa; in the last week this has changed to 51/41. Clearly our targeting is working. We are pouring everything on at this point.

McCarter goes on:

Miller’s ethics problems have consumed all the oxygen in his campaign for two weeks, and he’s using that to remind Alaskans that Murkowski has been somewhat less than squeaky clean in her own tenure. That’ll serve to remind Alaskans, particularly Democrats, that they don’t really like Murkowski that much either. McAdams has emerged as serious candidate and valid contender.

Miller can’t go 48 hours without sparking a new scandal. In the last day, records from his tenure in Fairbanks North Star Borough show that he admitted to lies about his actions of using Borough computers for personal, political activities. This has been an ongoing scandal for the last week or two and is getting major play in Alaska. And last night, Rachel Maddow of MSNBC was told by Joe Miller that being gay was an individual’s decision. Oh and to get this interview, Maddow basically had to walk through a building at breakneck speed to get Miller to talk. Classy!

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