Tea Party Savagery

Creator of Fox News/Dick Morris-pushed ads suggests Media Matters employees be “curbstomped”, 9/2/10:

A Republican strategist behind conservative ad campaigns fundraised for on Fox News by “Fox News political analyst” Dick Morris recently asked why the Media Matters “boys don’t get curbstomped fortnightly.”

In a September 2 tweet, Rick Wilson, who owns the political consulting firm Intrepid Media, wrote: “Aside from the fact a gentleman doesn’t hit women, explain to me why the MMFA boys don’t get curbstomped fortnightly?” The top definition on Urban Dictionary for curb stomping is, “To place someone’s mouth on a cement curb, and then stomp on their head from behind to break out their teeth.”

Tea Party activist and Rand Paul supporters Tim Profitt and Mike Pezzano, 10/25/10:Amazingly, today the Paul campaign touted the endorsement of the curbstomper, Profitt, in a full page ad in the Lexington Herald.The victim of this vicious attack, Laura Valle, has been diagnosed with a concussion, a sprained arm and a sprained shoulder, which according to the Rand Paul campaign means she “was not injured.”Naturally, Pezzano, who held down Ms. Valle while Tim Profitt stomped on her head and neck, was wearing a “Don’t Tread on Me” button.Hopefully the gang of Tea Partiers who held down and beat this woman for disagreeing with her political views will be arrested and prosecuted. This is Tea Party leaders like Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Rand Paul, Sharron Angle, and Joe Miller reaping exactly what they have sown. Their supporters are crazed and violent and there is literally no space for this in American politics.

2 thoughts on “Tea Party Savagery

  1. This shouldn’t surprise anyone who has been paying attention to the Tea Party. The party is comprised of under educated angry people being led by racist hate mongers. They claim to be a movement of the people, yet they are run by Republicans, and big business. Also no one seems to mention the fact that the National Socialist Movement which is basically the KKK is completely involved with the Tea Party. If you want to know where this movement is going just read about the Brown shirts in Germany.


  2. In there was ever any doubt that the “Tea Party” movement was anything other than fascist, the appearance on film of its storm troopers should put the question to rest. Remember both Italy and Germany were democracies when the Fascist party emerged in Italy and the Nazis in Germany. Their electoral seizure of power was preceded by years of violent assaults on political opponents. Just because they don’t wear armbands with swastikas doesn’t mean that they are not fascists.


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