Pure Deception

Eric Boehlert’s piece on the sad state of the right wing media in the wake of yesterday’s revelations about James O’Keefe’s plans to sexually assault a CNN reporter as a “prank” is a must-read. With O’Keefe, Boehlert sees a recognition that the right doesn’t even care about having the patina of truthiness in their work anymore. Instead, all that matters is being anti-Obama, anti-Democrat and pro-whatever the extremes of the right are saying. Rather than exile O’Keefe – if not for fraudulent and doctored videos of ACORN, then being convicted attempting to bug Senator Landrieu’s office or now for planning to force a reporter into a compromising sexual position – the best that the right musters is silence. This hack should be tossed to the trash bin of politics by Republicans and Tea Party alike, yet he remains a hero and a Member in Good Standing of the Republican Movement.

Beyond lying and deception, what sort of sick mind thinks trying to con and corner a reporter into a sexually compromising situation is a useful political tool? James O’Keefe is a sociopath and you have to wonder what it says about his colleagues on the right.

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