Hubris is a virtue, right?

I’m not sure why Digby is trying to warn the Tea Party away from the “puerile arrogance” seen in this video. Personally, I think the Republican base is right. Clearly they are going to win in 2010. It’s just a formality now. Everyone can put down their tea bags and go watch reruns of Surviving Nugent from Netflix for the next seven weeks.

Also, I think the pledge in this video that not only will there be no new taxes and no high spending under a Tea Party-driven Republican Party, but that under a Republican majority there will be “no more taxes” and “no more spending.” So if the federal government exists one day into a Republican majority, the American public was lied to. Or, more importantly, the Tea Party was lied to and their only remaining course of action will be to throw the bums out…AGAIN!

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