Scott McAdams

Steve Aufrecht of What Do I Know? shot this video of Alaska’s Democratic Senate nominee Scott McAdams in Anchorage on Wednesday. McAdams is the mayor of Sitka, Alaska, and though he isn’t widely known across the state like a couple other Alaskan mayors, he is the real deal.

Dave Weigel at Slate asks a good question:

Do you reach a point where $250,000 in Alaska is worth more than $250,000 to bail out Blanche Lincoln? I think you’re already there.

I hope the party is ready to get behind Scott McAdams. If he ends up facing Joe Miller there is no doubt that he can win. I met him briefly at Netroots Nation and was very impressed with him. All of the Alaskan bloggers I talk to think McAdams is a great candidate and a great Democrat. He would be a great representative for Alaska and a great addition to the Democratic caucus (especially when you think about what Joe Miller might do if he’s given a vote in the Senate).

I’ll be watching this race closely.

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