Primaries Are Good, But…

I think primaries are really good, healthy things for both democracy broadly and the Democratic Party specifically. In my home state of Connecticut, there’s a heated primary going on between grassroots hero Ned Lamont and Stamford mayor Dan Malloy. It’s not that it’s a close race – Ned is well ahead of Malloy and is likely going to win the primary by double digits. But Malloy has been spinning some of nastiest, negative attacks I’ve seen in a Democratic primary since, well, Joe Lieberman was attacking Ned Lamont in 2006. CT Bob has a post up today that covers the recent mud Malloy is throwing and puts Dan in his place for doing it. What’s so shocking and depressing about Malloy’s attacks is that they are verbatim the same ones Lieberman used against Ned in 2006 and every single one was refuted by facts then. That is, despite the fact that he has no chance of winning the Democratic nomination, Malloy is repeating Lieberman’s attacks and he has to know that they’ve been proven false already. As Bob writes, “Malloy is running the most cynical and dishonest campaign I’ve ever seen.” This is scorched earth stuff and it’s not good for Connecticut nor is it good for the Democratic Party.

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