Serious People

Paul Krugman, responding to the stream of lies coming from Mitch McConnell, Jon Kyl and other leading Republicans that the Bush tax cuts didn’t cost the US government anything, asks:

How am I supposed to pretend that these are serious people?

Well, frankly, I don’t think you do. Pretending only makes the matter worse. Actual serious people like Paul Krugman and Steve Benen need to get to the point where they can take the last step and call the Republicans liars. It’s not that Republicans possess “invincible ignorance,” it’s that they are liars.

I think calling them liars is actually a charitable reading. It presumes that they are smart enough to recognize both what the truth is and how critical it is to their party’s political success and their friends’ financial success that the truth not get out.  They also know that the mainstream media will never actually call them liars, leaving regular Americans with the sneaking suspicion that something is wrong, but without the economics degree and charts possessed by Krugman.

Alternatively, if you don’t think Republicans are actually smart enough to be lying, rather than praising the grandeur of the their ignorance (after all, isn’t invincibility something we admire in super heroes?), why not just come out and say Republicans are Fucking Ignorant?

The modern Republican Party is not composed of serious people. They are not good faith operatives in government. They have a vested interest in government failing the American people and are working to ensure that failure occurs. Anyone pretending otherwise may be guilty of joining the Republicans in ignorance, though sadly will likely lack the guile possessed by the GOP.

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