Exactly Right

Markos, in looking at polling that shows while Democrats are very unpopular in Ohio, Republicans are even worse, writes:

By all rights, Democrats should get crushed in November. They took office promising change, and their actions have been, at best, weak tea. Hostile corporatist interests have successfully watered down every bit of legislation passed. The job picture is dismal, with zero apparent urgency in DC to do something about it. Democrats have actually convinced themselves that voters care more about deficits than they do about job creation. We’re still myred in unwinnable wars. And remember, this was all with super majorities in both chambers of Congress.

So yeah, there’s plenty of motivation to punish Democrats for their ineffectiveness and timidity in the face of dramatic challenges.

But Republicans, as effective as they’ve been in blocking much of the change Democrats could’ve delivered, have utterly failed in presenting an alternative. And in that vacuum, voters can only assume the GOP agenda is exactly what they delivered in the eight years of the Bush Administration.

So one party is hated, the other one is seen as ineffective. What’s a voter to do? We’ll see, but it’s clear as this cycle has shaped up, that the biggest impediment to massive Republican gains this November is the GOP itself.

This is exactly right and a big part of why I highly doubt that, as of now, Democrats will suffer large-scale loses in November. The alternative is utter crap and the American people know it.

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