Repealing the 17th Amendment?

Well this is news to me. Apparently some Tea Party activists are starting to campaign around repealing the 17th Amendment, which made it so senators were elected directly through popular vote, as opposed to appointed by the state legislatures. I suppose there is some intellectual honesty on the part of the Tea Party about the value an appointed Senate was intended to have as a check on federal powers. But it does strike me as bizarre for an allegedly populist movement to be advocating the removal of the popular vote for the functionally more-powerful chamber of Congress. Obviously this is not a movement that is going anywhere; the 17th Amendment will not be repealed.

Heck, between the move to “go Galt” (fall off the economic grid) and repeal the 17th Amendment, is there anything Teabaggers actually want to do along with the rest of us here in America?

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