Nuclear Posture Review

Say what you will about the Obama administration’s shortcomings in policy at home (and I’ve said a lot), but his work on reducing the global threat from nuclear weapons is truly admirable. From securing a new arms agreement with Russia to last night’s announcement that the US will not launch a nuclear attack against a country that is compliant with the NPT, the President is making bold strides that are finally commensurate with his campaign promises of Change and Hope. The world is a dangerous place, but possessing the ability to turn a country to glass at the slightest threat only makes the world more dangerous. Proportionality seems to be the core of the Nuclear Posture Review. Hopefully this attitude towards proportional military actions is extended in the future for US foreign policy. After all, were we dealing in proportional responses instead of preventive attacks, we would not have gone to war against Iraq. In that regard, this new position adopted by the Obama administration isn’t just a revision of decades of nuclear uncertainty, but a rebuttal to the essential attitudes that drove the Bush administration.

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