Good Faith FAIL

Apparently the Chinese government doesn’t know what it means to negotiate in good faith. A round of talks between the Tibetan Government in Exile and the Chinese government just concluded. It’s the first round of talks since 2008 and an important step for these two nations. However, it looks like the Chinese government is not negotiating in good faith:

It was the ninth time the two sides have met since 2002, but Mr Zhu said the positions of both sides remained “sharply divided” – a situation which had “become a norm rather than an exception”.

According to China, at this latest round of meetings the Tibetans again reiterated their hopes for the introduction of greater autonomy in the Himalayan region.

But Mr Zhu said there was no possibility of the “slightest compromise” on the issue of sovereignty in Tibet.

He also attacked the Dalai Lama, whom he said was a troublemaker.

“He should make a thorough self-examination of his words and deeds and radically correct his political positions if he really expects results of contact and talks,” he said.

How can these talks be viewed as anything other than a stalling tactic by the Chinese government if they are publicly saying there is zero chance of productive talks unless the Tibetan Government drops all of their demands for a resolution to China’s occupation of Tibet by instituting meaningful autonomy? They are ruling out any and all compromises, other than the TGIE simply giving in.

Throw in the fact that China is now “warning” the US government that we will face consequences if President Obama meets with the Dalai Lama.

The Chinese government is trying to bully the Tibetan Government in Exile, bully the United States, and bully anyone else who deigns to question their 60 year illegal military occupation of Tibet.  Their behavior is embarrassing and yet another sign that they are not a legitimate member of the global community.

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