Epic Stupid

Anti-ACORN hit man James O’Keefe was arrested by the FBI yesterday with three other individuals for trying to tamper with the phones in Senator Mary Landrieu’s office, presumably with the intention of wiretapping the phone lines. Of note is one of the other people arrested, Robert Flanagan, is the son of the US Attorney in Louisiana. I find it hard to believe that the son of a US Attorney isn’t being pressured by his family to come clean about the full extent of the conspiracy surrounding tapping US Senators’ phones. And that’s where the real interesting stuff should start to come out.

O’Keefe has been employed by right wing publisher & wingnut welfare patron Andrew Breitbart. Breitbart put out this bizarre and specific statement in response to O’Keefe’s felony arrest.

“We have no knowledge about or connection to any alleged acts and events involving James O’Keefe at Senator Mary Landrieu’s office,” said Breitbart. “We only just learned about the alleged incident this afternoon. We have no information other than what has been reported publicly by the press. Accordingly, we simply are not in a position to make any further comment.”

The questions that emerge from this are:

  • Did Breitbart know about O’Keefe visiting other Senators’ offices?
  • Did Breitbart know about other wiretapping incidents?
  • Did Breitbart fund O’Keefe’s alleged felony in any way beyond salary?

I have to imagine that there is a very good chance that Breitbart or other members of his staff were party to this conspiracy to wiretap a US Senator. And that is some serious, serious trouble. At minimum, O’Keefe and Breitbart’s attacks on ACORN should be viewed as fully discredited (as if they weren’t already).

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