Citizens United

Well, democracy, such as it is in the US, was nice while it lasted.

The Republican-appointed majority on the Supreme Court says money is speech and corporations are entitled to free speech under the Constitution. I must have missed that part of the Bill of Rights.

The only real question is why the Court is addressing this particular previously-denied right for corporations. If corporations are people entitled to constitutional rights, how long before corporations are finally granted suffrage rights?

Politics was already corrupted by corporate money before today. The corruption will now be more direct, less opaque, and more omnipresent. Heaven help any elected official who tries to pass legislation that ticks off Exxon, Philip Morris or Blue Cross.

2 thoughts on “Citizens United

  1. Check out Juan Cole’s take on this decision – So long as net neutrality is protected, this should not be quite the sea change that it appears to be. That being said this is yet another lesson in the consequence of elections and a reminder to all those who said that there was no difference between Bush and Gore in 2000.


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