What Digby Said

Digby, writing on the penchant for some on the left to take a BURN IT TO THE GROUND attitude about politics and the policy course in Washington, has this to say about “those of you who are inclined to spend hours in my comment section throwing around snotty remarks drenched in puerile cynicism about how it is sillyto even bother, when everything and everyone is hopelessly corrupt.”

It’s indisputably true that the political system is run by wealthy plutocrats and much of what passes for democracy is kabuki. Same as it ever was, I’m afraid. But that’s not exactly the point. It’s still worth participating, doing what you can, containing the damage, stopping the bleeding, fighting the fight — for its own sake. After all, history shows that humans have managed, somehow, to actually make progress over time. You just can’t know what will make the difference.

If you don’t think that’s worth anything, however, you do have a choice. The obvious alternative, as PinNC wrote in TBOGG’s comments, is this:

If you really think that the political system is broken beyond repair, you have a blueprint from the 1770s to help you out.

Pick up your muskets, kids, or STFU.

Anyone who spends time hanging out with me in person knows that I can be as bitter, cynical and despondent as they come about the state of American politics and the fecklessness of Democrats, especially when it comes to helping enact progressive legislation. But I agree with Digby, this is too important to turn away from participation. If the current methods of influencing elected officials aren’t proving effective, then we have to try new models of organizing. Just like we did when we started organizing online and grew the netroots.

All is not lost, we may just have a different set of targets of our ire than during the Bush years. But don’t waste time mourning, organize!

2 thoughts on “What Digby Said

  1. I have been spreading this message on progressive web sites for months, but it seems that may progressives think that the way to get progressive policies through Congress is to withdraw from all activities, including voting. I’ve argued that if progressives think that it is tough for us to get anything through Congress now, wait and see what happens if the number of conservatives in Congress increases, especially in the already hamstrung Senate. I don’t agree with everything that has been done during the Obama Administration so far, but I’m not foolish enough to do nothing and let the conservatives gain more votes without a fight. IMHO, the conservatives should be made to fight tooth and nail for every seat they win.


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