Condemning Hate

The New York Times editorial board has a truly righteous condemnation of Uganda and the American Christian Evangelical preachers who are leading the charge to pass a bill outlawing homosexuality in Uganda. There is plenty that is being written already about Uganda’s odious bill, which if passed would punish homosexuality with death. But what is equally important is that these Evangelical leaders must bear responsibility for being architects of this agenda of hate. The NYT editorializes:

Now the three Americans are saying they had no intention of provoking the anger that, just one month later, led to the introductionof the Anti-Homosexuality Bill of 2009. You can’t preach hate and not accept responsibility for the way that hate is manifested.

I think it goes beyond that. If Americans are going abroad to help push a legislative agenda that, when realized, leads to the execution of one Ugandan for their sexuality, these Evangelicals should be prosecuted here. There must surely be a way for the US to claim universal jurisdiction for prosecution of the architects of this hateful, murderous law. That some of the architects happen to be American should make the case that much easier to mount.

The Times editorial board thinks that if the anti-gay bill becomes law in Uganda, the US should cut off aid to that country. Surely that would be a nice gesture, but we’re not talking about a move that might affect one or two poor Ugandan gays. We’re talking about a bill that is the functional structure for genocide; it should be treated as such. If it becomes law, the people who made it reality should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

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