Fox News Started This War

Media Matters has a great video, posted above, rebutting the idea that the Obama administration has started a war on Fox News. As anyone who’s actually waged Fox or paid attention to what they say and do, it’s clear that the war has been waged by the characters at Fox News for the entire tenure of the administration. Only now is the White House taking steps to push back on their smears and attacks, which come straight from the Republican Party’s talking points. Fox News is not a media outlet. It is a propaganda arm of the Republican Party and should be treated as such.

2 thoughts on “Fox News Started This War

  1. Defenders of FNC point to the channel’s popularity as proof it’s a valid news network. Yet these same people espouse a political philosophy that decries democracy’s potential for “mob rules” mentality.

    Thanks for posting the MM video, and keep up the good work.


  2. I’m glad someone finally put something like this together. It’s pretty amazing when you listen to it like this. Towards the middle of the clip, someone mentions that journalism might be dead. How ironic!


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