The Imperative for Health Insurance Reform

I rarely do this on Hold Fast, but this is too incredible not to promote some work from my professional life at SEIU. The videos above is from a woman named Peggy Robertson. In the first she describes her experience of being told by her health insurance company that she was only eligible for coverage, because she had a c-section in the past, if she was sterilized. She was perfectly healthy, but her health insurance company would only cover her if she followed their requirement to be sterilized. The second video is of Peggy describing the trouble she had getting coverage for her healthy two year old son because he was “too small.”

Yesterday Peggy testified on the Hill at a hearing held by Senator Barbara Mikulski. Her story outraged Mikulski, who called it “bone-chiling” and the insurance policy “morally repugnant.” If there is any clearer imperative for massive insurance reform than Peggy’s story, I shudder to imagine what it might be.

Write your member of Congress and tell them that we need health insurance reform now to ensure that no company is ever again allowed to try to force a woman to be sterilized or deny coverage to healthy children.

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