Pushing Back on Rightwing Lies

One of the problems we’ve face in the healthcare fight is the relative silence from the White House regarding what the positive output of Congress on reform legislation should be. While there can be a thorough discussion of the merits and flaws in this silence on positive legislation, there shouldn’t need to be any dispute that the administration would be best served by responding to smears of President Obama and the policies he is pushing (or not pushing).

The video above is an example of good work by the White House to rebut smears that the rightwing has used to create a sense of fear in their rabid base. Linda Douglass, who leads WH communications on healthcare, responds to the false accusations that President Obama is seeking to abolish private health insurance and is pushing for legislation that would prevent individuals from choosing their own doctors. Obviously both are false and Douglass does a good job of going point by point to defend Obama. What is even more effective is the video features cuts of President Obama himself stating clearly what he thinks reform should and should not do. Not surprisingly, the rightwing doesn’t have much legs to stand on when they are left dealing with facts and not fantasies.

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