“I’m Being Deported”

Walter Lara is a 23 year-old honor student facing deportation on July 6, 2009. Walters family immigrated from Argentina when he was three years old. He has only known life as an American, and proudly declares that the United States is my home.

U.S. Senator Bill Nelson wrote the Department of Homeland Security on Walter’s behalf, requesting that they defer action on Walter’s deportation because “he has earned the chance to live and work here and call America home.”

Sign onto Sen. Nelson’s letter and on Thursday, July 2, 2009, we will deliver Sen. Nelson’s letter with your co-signature to the Department of Homeland Security.

Co-sign a letter by Senator Bill Nelson to DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano to stop Walter’s deportation.

You can also call Secretary Napolitano’s office by using SEIU’s Click to Call Tool: http://call.seiu.org/9/walterlara.

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