Idiocy: Glenn Reynolds Edition

Glenn Reynolds is probably the biggest anti-Chris Dodd blogger out there, so it’s no shock that he’s lobbing every grenade he can at Dodd. Unfortunately, instead of throwing grenades, Reynolds sometimes seems content to grab the back side of the underwear he’s currently wearing, lean back, and pitch the waistband forward with all his might. To wit, Reynolds thinks he’s somehow hitting Dodd’s credibility on healthcare reform legislation by posting a story about Jackie Clegg Dodd serving on the board of four pharmaceutical companies. Reynolds provides this bit of “Ah-ha!” commentary:

It’s like he was trying to keep this under the radar until after the bill was done.

In a clear sign that Reynolds hadn’t read the paragraph he just quoted from the AP, the article actually says:

Dodd, who as Senate Banking Committee chairman also has been an architect of the nation’s financial industry and housing rescue plans, did not file a new disclosure report outlining his personal finances as most other senators did in May. The Senate was releasing those reports Friday. Dodd sought a 90-day extension to file his report covering last year, giving him until mid-August to submit his report, but released his report Friday to The Associated Press.

Dodd could have actually kept these disclosures “under the radar until after the bill was done” if he wanted to. He had until mid-August, a timeframe that would have certainly included the introduction of the bill he’s working on in the HELP Committee. Except, you know, Dodd didn’t. As Reynolds quotes.

For those who were wondering, Glenn Reynolds has just provided us with the definition of what it means to be hoisted by one’s own petard.

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