Our American Way of Life

Richard Smith at VetVoice has an incredibly poignant push-back on Dick Cheney’s recent pro-torture, image rehabilitation tour. Richard writes:

[O]ur American way of life includes concepts of freedom from tyranny and a certain American personal independence that has been passed down through the many generations of this nation. If we are to believe that torturing human beings made us safe, that denying habeas corpus has made us more secure, that warrantless wiretapping impeded the evildoers, then what did I and we volunteer to lay our lives down for? In short, if we violate the very ideals that hold together our American way of life in the pursuit of security, what exactly are we secure from? What does that tell us about the success of the “evildoers” in attempting to “destroy our American way of life”?

Smith poses these thoughts as questions, but I think we can all see that they are rhetorical. That a patriotic young veteran even has to ask them shows how profoundly the Bush-Cheney administration failed our citizens and our Constitution.

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