It’s All Our Fault

It’s official, the Chinese government wants you to laugh at them:

But a government policy document and the People’s Daily, the paper of the China’s ruling Communist Party, both said contention over the remote mountain region was stoked by Western governments and groups seeking to contain the country’s rise.

“It is thus clear that the so-called ‘Tibet issue’ is by no means an ethnic, religious and human rights issue; rather, it is the Western anti-China forces attempt to restrain, split and demonize China,” said a policy “white paper” issued by the State Council Information Office, a publicity arm of the government.

Such white papers are used to sum up official thinking on issues.

This is just rich. Official Chinese government policy is to blame their massive internal problems on Westerners. It’s hard to believe that this is really meant for anything other than ginning up internal nationalistic xenophobia to bolster the ruling Communist Party. Either they’re promoting this sort of vitriolic hate out of self-interest or out of delusion. Neither prospect is encouraging for the ability for China to be a respected peer in the global community.

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